Serve School Spirit in Style with Custom College Apparel

Connecting classmates through custom design.

The classic college experience has been disrupted over the past two years. Classes turned into zoom meetings and the typical on-campus experience was scaled back thanks to the global pandemic. As things return to ‘normal’ college students are searching to find their group on campus. And they are looking for more ways to connect with fellow classmates. Here are the three reasons you should roll out some new custom college apparel for your club or team.

Build a Community by Looking Like One

One of the best ways to make people part of a group is to give them a uniform. Don’t worry we aren’t talking about ill-fitted khakis and polos. Creating custom college apparel for your student organization is an excellent way to automatically make them feel included. The design is key in making an impact. Come up with a unique concept. Then include a slogan or reference that is unique to the group. By design, you give each member something to connect with.

Boost Visibility and Membership

Custom college apparel isn’t just a way to make students feel connected. It also serves as great advertising for your student organization and encourages others to join. Students typically join various clubs or teams because well, it’s something they enjoy, or have an interest in. (Let’s hope they aren’t just doing it for their resume). Because of this, shirts with an eye-catching design that rep your group are sure to spark interest and conversations with classmates with the same interests. Since things have been virtual and off campus for the past couple of years, it’s possible there are students who would love to join you, who didn’t know about your organization sooner!

Create a Culture that Extends Past the Graduating Class

With new freshmen coming to campus each year it’s important to build a brand around your student organization so the legacy can live on. As much as custom college apparel is designed to represent your group, it also connects the group to the larger network of alumni who came before. It honors the tradition of years past and creates a common bond. And we all know networking is really the main goal of attending college, right?

Get the Style with Morning Star

Morningstar Screen Printing has you covered with all of your custom college apparel. With hundreds of styles to choose from, the latest screen printing and embroidery techniques, and a team of talented designers to help your idea come to life, we have everything you need to get started on your order.

Ready to start the process? Contact a Daymaker today! Looking for more content? Check out our last blog: “We’ve Got the Key to the Softest Custom School Spirit Shirts“.