Embroidery is the ying to printing's yang.

Embroidery styles that'll get you sew excited 😉


Flat Embroidery

Our flat embroidery style is a 2D logo or design stitched directly into the surface of the garment. This includes garments such as hats, polos, jackets, or t-shirts. It is considered to be flat because it has very minimal depth in comparison to 3D or puff embroidery. This is the standard decoration method for embroidery and looks fantastic on all types of apparel goods.

3D Puff Embroidery

Our 3D puff embroidery is what it sounds like. A layer of foam is placed on the hat and the stitching is done over top to provide a 3D puff or raised look. This is what is commonly used on most professional sports hats and something that we offer direct to the you, the consumer. Bold is better in this situation because the curvature of a hat provides many challenges to a 3D puff design. Luckily for you our state-of-the-art machines provide incredible detail and precision to bring you top of the line embroidery merch.

White puff 3d embroidery on a 6-panel hat.

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