We’ve Got the Key to the Softest Custom School Spirit Shirts

Serving school spirit in style.

Most of us have a collective memory of super stiff, boxy school spirit shirts. These usually end up sitting in the back of a drawer unless you need something to throw on while you clean or go for a run. The good news? It doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve got the three ingredients you need for soft, stylish custom school spirit shirts that students will love to wear.

1. Start with a Cool Custom Design 

Get creative. Instead of just stamping your school’s mascot on a shirt and calling it a day, brainstorm ideas that students can connect with or that fit the current *aesthetic*. Crowdsourcing ideas for custom school spirit shirts or holding a design contest is a great way to get the students involved and guarantee they will get behind the design. If you already have some ideas to work with, our design team can help bring your concepts to life.

2. Choose a Ringspun Cotton Shirt

For the softest, comfiest tee we recommend going with a ringspun cotton shirt. Ringspun cotton is much softer than regular cotton because of the way it is produced. Regular cotton shirts that are often sourced for school spirit shirts from brands like Gildan, Hanes, and Fruit of the Loom are created from vegetable fibers that are made into yarn and then woven into cotton. Ringspun cotton, on the other hand, utilizes longer strands of cotton that are soft and extremely durable. As the name suggests, these cotton strands go through a process of continual spinning and twisting. This creates soft threads that are free from the rough texture of standard raw cotton. 

Because of the process it goes through, ringspun cotton is typically a bit more expensive than your standard cotton shirt but you absolutely get what you pay for if you’re looking to create a soft shirt that everyone will love wearing. Here are some of our favorite ringspun options:

3. Pair with the Softest Ink 

To complete the soft tee trifecta, choose our signature Soft Style of printing which utilizes water-based and discharge ink. This style of printing dyes the fabric so that the color saturates the cotton fibers. The result is a completely “feel” free design after the first wash. On darker cotton, this style of printing can create a cool, vintage weathered look. 

custom school spirit shirt

Ready to get your custom school spirit shirt order started? Contact a Daymaker, today! If you are looking for more screen printing tips and trends, check out our latest blog “Enjoy Summer Safely with a UPF-Rated Shirt”.