Can I Order a Sample Screen Printed T-Shirt?

Start with a sample for your screen printing project and order with confidence. 

Start with a sample screen printed t-shirt for your project and order with confidence. 

The shirt style is selected, your design is locked down and now the only thing left is to pull the trigger and approve your proof for production, but you are having a hard time placing an order for hundreds of custom screen printed shirts when you haven’t actually seen one. 

No worries! Buyer’s remorse plagues the best of us and when you are faced with a large order it can be scary committing to a big print project without knowing exactly how the final product will look and feel. Start with a sample screen printed t-shirt for your project and order with confidence. 

Don’t Stress, Just Get a Sample Screen Printed T-Shirt

If you want to order a sample of your order before finalizing and approving the entire run, just let your Account Manager know the garment sample you’re looking for and we’ll get a sample order started for you. 

Whether you want a full prototype of your design or you are just interested in a blank garment to make sure you like the fabric and cut, we can get a sample for you so you don’t have any doubt about the final product. 

Why Some Printers Don’t Offer Samples

There is a lot of work that goes into setting up a screen printing job properly: 

  • Digital art file preparation
  • Ordering the garments
  • Prepping the digital mockups
  • Screen set up – making sure the design is lined up properly on the garment
  • Mixing the ink colors

These are just the steps prior to production. After the printing is done the ink is scraped from the screens, and they are prepped for further use for other projects. The entire process has to happen whether you print one shirt or 5,000 so some printers won’t offer the option at all. 

We aren’t like other printers, we’re a cool printer. Just let us know that you’d like to order a sample and your Account Manager will provide the cost and turnaround time for the sample production.

Our Process

In some cases, the timeline or budget doesn’t allow for a full sample of your design. However, the good news is we have measures in place to make you feel comfortable placing your order:

  1. Pantone Picks – Providing us with your Pantone color pallet will ensure your colors come out exactly as you intended.
  2. Preview Our Portfolio – If you aren’t able to order a sample but you’re wondering if water-based ink right for you over plastisol ink or how sublimation looks on the color boat shirt you picked, we can show you different examples from our portfolio so you see how the final product turns out – it just won’t be your exact design. 
  3. Depend on Your Digital Mockup – We provide a free digital mock-up for your review with every order. This will give you an idea of the approximate colors as well as design size and placement. We are happy to tweak it until you’re 100% happy and ready to order. 

Order with Confidence 

At Morningstar Screen Printing, we love what we do and we want you to as well! Because of this, we are happy to order samples or show examples until you are confident in your order. Reach out to a Daymaker today to get started!

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