We Print the Difference

Here at Morningstar, we’re super passionate about screen printing, and our passion creates a superior product.

Specifically screen printing with water-based and discharge ink. With the water-based and discharge printing we are creating superior quality for your apparel line. When you hand that t-shirt to your customer they’re going to associate comfort and longevity with that product because there’s no cracking and peeling with water-based discharge. That ink actually lives within the garment and so for the length of that garment’s life there will be no cracking and peeling which will then create positive brand identity for your apparel line.​

We are passionate about what we do, let us print your story!

​​The difference between water-based screen printers and traditional plastisol screen printers is water-based screen printers have to understand every part of the process from start to finish. Everything from your screens to your ink to the humidity in the air; we are aware of all of those things going on so that we can print the best possible soft shirt for our customers.

​​As a shop we decided to tackle water-based screen printing because we just love the quality that we’re able to create. Many screen printers don’t tackle water-based screen printing because it’s so unpredictable. We have taken the time to understand our products very well so we have a great relationship with our vendors and with specific brands.

​​Here at Morningstar we consider ourselves your team, so when you call, email or you come in you get to work one-on-one with a Daymaker. That Daymaker helps you choose the style of shirt, the ink style, the color of the ink you’re going to choose. We like to work one-on-one with you to really convey the message that you want to convey to your customer.

​​Something that makes Morningstar unique is that we just love to print shirts period. We love to print the softest shirts but we love to print bold bright opaque images on shirts even if it is with plastisol ink. This is our passion. We just love designing apparel. We love great artwork. We love great customers and we love great prints.

​​Let us print your story on each shirt that you bring to us and let us provide a quality print for you!

Screen Printing the Softest Water-Based T-shirts

1. Create an awesome design! Screen printing a great t-shirt starts with an awesome design and an awesome design is simple and clean. Great t-shirt designs don’t have to be over complicated with lots of color. Think bold!

2. Choose a shirt that makes you feel good when you’re wearing it! There are so many brands to choose from how do you decide? You can’t go wrong with anything that is ring spun cotton. These types of shirts have a super soft feel and tend to be a lighter weight cotton. Some styles that are our team’s favorites are Next Level’s 3600 and Bella Canvas’ 3001C.

3. Screen printing your design with the softest ink! Our water-base / discharge Ink is ideal to create the softest shirts because it removes the dye of the fabric and re-dyes the cotton fibers in the same stroke. This leaves virtually no hand on your garment. Traditional processes leave a heavy layer of ink on the shirt. Water-based and discharge inks are the best choice for superior comfort and softness!

We specialize in water-based and discharge screen printing because we believe that this ink style in combination with your awesome design will create your new favorite and softest custom t-shirt you’ve ever owned!