Three Reasons to Create Custom Church Shirts

Bring your congregation together with custom shirts.

Clothing creates community. From band tees to sports jerseys, a shirt can be the quickest way to identify someone’s affiliations, interests, or beliefs. Custom church shirts create a sense of community for the members and generate awareness wherever they go. Keep reading for more benefits of creating custom church shirts and how you can start the process today.

Community Through Custom Design

Unite your volunteers and make them recognizable. Provide your volunteers with custom church shirts to make them feel like part of the community. This also serves as a thank you for their service and who doesn’t love a free t-shirt?!

Creating shirts for ushers, child caretakers, and other volunteers also allows new members to quickly identify who they can ask for help. So, if they aren’t sure where to go or how to get their child to Sunday school, custom shirts identifying your most helpful members will put new members at ease when looking for help. Take this a step further and offer new members shirts they can wear and immediately make them feel a part of your family. 

Your Mission in Motion

Spread positivity and joy with your message. Church shirts are a great way to create an icebreaker for potential members or people looking to get involved.

A comfortable shirt with a great design is always a wardrobe staple. Because of this, good church shirts are the perfect opportunity for your members to spread awareness. We can help you create a church shirt that your members reach for time and time again for the biggest impact possible. 

Showcase your members and the work they do in your community and beyond by creating shirts for community projects, mission trips, food drives, and more. Creating visibility for your members gives others the opportunity to ask questions and get involved. 

Church Shirts for a Cause

Custom shirts can help bring your fundraising efforts to the next level. Instead of relying on bake sales, pancakes breakfasts, and car washes that stop generating awareness and donations once the event is over, consider designing a shirt literally puts your cause in the community. 

Creating a shirt that your members connect with and others will feel inspired can have a far-reaching effect that stand-alone events cannot achieve. Contact a Daymaker today to discuss your ideas and bring them to life.  

Looking for more? Check out our blog Trending Styles for Fall for some inspiration. Ready to get started? Contact a Daymaker today to get your order started.