Our Favorite Eco-Friendly T-Shirt Brands

Look Good. Do Good.

In celebration of Earth Day, we want to shout out our favorite brands producing eco-friendly t-shirts. We love that these companies deliver equal parts style and sustainability. If you have been looking for apparel options that align with your values regarding environmental responsibility, look no further. Continue reading to learn about our favorite eco-friendly t-shirt brands. 

1. Royal Apparel

Born and raised in the USA, Royal Apparel is a rare breed in the fashion industry. Only 3% of fashion gets manufactured in the US, and Royal Apparel is known for producing the largest supply of premium knitwear in the country. However, despite their high output, they strive for low-impact production. Additionally, they source certified organic yarns globally and handle the manufacturing process in the US, reducing their carbon footprint. 

Royal Apparel has an extensive range of eco-friendly t-shirt options. One of our top picks from their eco line is the 95051 UNISEX ORGANIC RPET TEE. Made from 50% organic cotton and 50% RPET (recycled plastic bottles), this option comes in a variety of neutrals. 

eco-friendly t-shirts

2. The Classic T-Shirt Company

The Classic T-Shirt Company believes in creating the change you want to see in the world. So, they embody this belief by paying their workers living wages, utilizing 100% plastic-free recycled shipping packaging, and sourcing all of their cotton from farms in India that are GOTS certified. 

As their name suggests, they offer a wide range of classic t-shirts in different necklines, sleeve lengths, and colorways. Additionally, all of their products are made in California, and 1% of sales goes to charities that share the same values and initiatives as this eco-friendly t-shirt brand. If you’re looking for a seriously high-quality classic tee, that is also eco-friendly this is your pick. 

eco-friendly t-shirts

3. Known Supply

Known Supply wants you to see the face behind the fashion. You’ll see this immediately by taking a quick look on their site shows you the smiling faces of people behind the clothes. Each piece Known Supply produces comes complete with the signature of the person who made it. In their effort to help consumers think about the people behind the apparel process, they hope to create change in the fashion industry. 

Known Supply offers a great variety of shirts, jackets, face coverings, and totes just waiting for your next design. Check out some of these styles we love:

4. Ecoconscious 

Ecoconscious believes in “an ethos of reciprocity”. They source all of their garments from factories that share their values. Ecoconscious conducts regular visits to their manufacturing facilities to ensure they adhere to environmental regulations and provide a safe and healthy work environment for the employees. 

In addition to a great variety of t-shirts and sweaters, Ecoconscious offers eco-friendly accessories such as totes and aprons. These are perfect picks for shops looking for more sustainable options for bags and restaurants looking to equip their staff with sustainable uniforms.

5. Allmade

Allmade believes in putting the planet and people first. They accomplish this goal by sourcing sustainable raw materials to create their eco-friendly t-shirts. Available in either 100% organic cotton made in the US or a tri-blend comprised of recycled materials, these are shirts that feel good, and you can feel good wearing.  

Curious to know how their shirts stack up? Check out the Allmade impact calculator to see the amount of water saved, C02 reduced, and the amount of recycled plastic used by purchasing an Allmade shirt over conventional tees. 

Allmade Impact Calculator

Want to get started on your next order with an eco-friendly t-shirt? Then contact a Daymaker today! Looking for more information on eco-friendly options? Check out our last blog on The Three Things to Look for in Ethically Sourced Clothing.