How to Create a Custom T-Shirt Order Form 

The devil’s in the details. 

Collecting sizes for your custom t-shirt order can feel like herding cats. Using a t-shirt order form makes the process go smoothly. If you’re tasked with overseeing the custom t-shirt order for your company, organization, or event, we know you already have a lot on your plate. So, to make your life easier, we are about to add some efficiency to the task on your to-do list that can turn into a headache if you aren’t organized upfront. 

t-shirt order form

Need to Know Info

In this blog, we’ll cover a couple of ways to create a t-shirt order form. Regardless of how you set up your form, the information that you need to collect stays the same. Here’s what you need to collect from your group for your custom t-shirt order:

  • Name: Unless your group includes Prince or Elon Musk’s son, make sure to get first and last name to avoid any confusion or size swaps.  
  • T-Shirt Size: Some people have different size preferences depending on the style of the shirt. For example, if you select a fitted tee some people may size up. Level up your t-shirt order form by including a link or photo of the style of shirt and size chart so everyone in your group can make an informed decision.  
  • Color* 
  • Mailing Address*

*Feel free to skip the color section if you don’t plan on offering different color options, and you will only need to include the mailing address section if you’d like us to ship the shirts out to each individual.

t-shirt order form

How to Create a Digital T-Shirt Order Form

Google Sheets is the perfect tool for collecting information from a group because it allows you to send out one link and everyone can quickly add in their details digitally and you won’t have to worry about saving versions or extracting the information from a bunch of individual emails or texts.  

Additionally, by using a Google Sheet, you can include helpful links to share the t-shirt style like we suggested or color options. You can also create drop-down menus for size and color options.

Download Our Printable T-Shirt Order Form

If setting up or using a Google sheet is not an option for your group, or you just like keeping it old school you can accomplish the same goal with a printable version. If this is the route you want to take then today’s your lucky day – we’ve got you covered with a free download

custom t-shirt process

Everything You Need to Place Your Order

The hard part is over! Once you’ve collected the size and color information, here’s everything we need to get your order started:

  • Shirt style 
  • Number of shirts per size and color
  • Shirt Design
  • Shipping address

If you are having the shirts picked up or shipped to one location there’s no need to share your completed t-shirt order form with us, but if each shirt is going to a different address pass the form along to us, and will make sure it gets to the right place!

Contact a Daymaker today to get your order started or for more custom t-shirt tips keep reading and check out our last blog on how to Make Your Custom Designs Pop with Puff Ink.