How to Choose the Best Font for Your T-Shirt Design

We can help you find the font that fits.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes time to choose the best font for your t-shirt design. There are literally hundreds of thousands of fonts to choose from – so, where do you start? In this blog, we are going to break down the types of fonts, some of our favs, and how to use them in your design.

Find Your Font Style 

There are four styles all fonts fall into Serif, Sans Serif, Script, and Decorative (also referred to as display). Each style has a time and a place depending on the vibe you’re aiming for and how it’s being used for your t-shirt design.

Serif Fonts

The most traditional-looking award of the four categories goes to serif fonts. Serif fonts are typically used for smaller text within a t-shirt design since they are very legible but can also stand their own and serve as a focal point. 

Serif fonts give a formal feel. Think about the fonts used in books and newspapers – these are examples of serif fonts. In branding, serif fonts are commonly used for law groups or professions that aim to give a classic or more serious image. 

Serif Fonts We Love: Garamond, Yeseva One, Libre Baskerville, Butler, Ultra

Sans Serif Fonts

Sans serif fonts are the cooler, younger sister to serif fonts. While both serif and sans serif fonts are widely used due to their legibility, the lack of “feet” gives sans serif fonts a clean, modern feel. 

Sans serif fonts are basically “that girl”. You know the one with a no-makeup makeup look, sleek low bun, outfitted in a neutral matching athleisure set – effortlessly aesthetically pleasing. Sans serif fonts are also versatile. They can serve as simple understated subheadings or be the main character and serve as a bold focal point.  

Sans Serif Fonts We Love: Oswald, Montserrat, Agané, Apex, Anton

Script Fonts

Script fonts are a great way to add elegance or playfulness to your design. Undoubtedly feminine, script fonts are a great way to make your design feel *fancy*. 

It’s important to note that script fonts are best used in larger applications. Due to all of the bends and curves, script fonts can be a challenge to read if the text is too small.

Script Fonts We Love: Playlist, Streetwear, Festival, Julietta Messie, Sacramento

Decorative Fonts

Decorative or display fonts are by far the most fun style. As the name suggests these fonts are used as decoration or to be used in displays. A wide variety of fonts can be classified as decorative from ornate art deco fonts to playful bubble letters. 

Adding a decorative font is a no-brainer for your t-shirt design if you’re looking to add a bit of spice. If your shirt design only includes text and no images, using a decorative font is a great way to give instant visual appeal.  

Decorative Fonts We Love: Architects Daughter, MOM, Polya, Cheque, Glamy

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