Custom Apparel – Your 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you need the perfect gift for your employees, family, or friends, custom apparel is a great way to make anyone on your shopping list feel special.

Custom apparel makes a great gift because it’s not only unique but meaningful. Most gift guides provide the same generic, repetitive ideas. They recommend whiskey stones, shaving kits, and multitools for the guys, and PJ sets, bath products, and scented candles for the ladies. While these ideas may make sense in some cases, in most cases, these items are sure to turn up at the next white elephant party. If you need some inspiration to save you from defaulting to giving out gift cards again, keep reading for some ideas for creating custom apparel for everyone on your shopping list this year.     

Custom Apparel Ideas for Family

Whether your dynamic is super close or more akin to the Adams Family *snap* *snap* we’ve got some ideas for custom apparel that will sure to make you the favorite in the family:

  • Showcase family photos: This is the time to shine for those family photos you have hidden in your camera roll. Using images from a family reunion or vacation is a great way to treasure those memories and create a unique gift for the whole family. 
  • Honor a loved one who recently passed: If your family experienced the loss of a loved one, creating a custom design for everyone to keep is a thoughtful way to honor their memory. If a photo design isn’t your style, consider using a quote or lyric they loved or even their own, for a subtle but impactful design. 
  • Share exciting family news: Expecting a child in 2023? Announcement shirts featuring your family members’ new titles (think Grampy, Nana, Auntie, etc.) are a fun way to share the news.
  • Reference an inside joke: Families tend to have a knack for long-running inside jokes. Now is the time to put them to good use and create a custom tee that will be sure to put a smile on their face every time they wear it. 
custom apparel

Ideas for Employees

Want to show your team how much you appreciate them? Custom apparel using your company logo or slogan is a great way to make them feel valued and part of the team. Ensure your employees don’t feel like a walking billboard for the company by keeping company branding smaller and more discrete within the overall design. 

Take it further and brand other useful accessories like hydro flasks, notebooks, and backpacks in addition to a soft tee or cozy hoodie. The key here is choosing quality items that will last. For more employee gift ideas, check out our post, “5 Employee Holiday Gifts Your Team Will Love“. 

custom apparel

Ideas for Friends

No doubt you have tons of material to pull from when thinking up ideas for custom apparel for your friends, but if you need some inspo, here are some of our favorite ideas to get you started:

  • Print their personal catchphrase: Perfect for your friend who is quick with a one-liner or provides golden nuggets of advice. For example, if your bestie is Paris Hilton, you could give her a shirt that says “Sliving” – or if you are her real friend, you may want to tell her to stop trying to make “Sliving” happen; it’s not going to happen. 
  • Focus on their interests: Gifting your friend a shirt referencing their favorite movie, band, or hobby is a surefire way to know they will love it. Plus, it allows you to make the design unique and add a personal twist instead of buying merch off the shelf. 
  • Get geared up for the next big event: Create shirts everyone can wear for a big upcoming event you’re involved in, such as running a marathon, going to Disney, or a music festival. Custom shirts will get everyone excited for the event, and make sure you arrive in style.

No matter who you are looking to create custom apparel for the holidays, we’re here to help! Get started by contacting a Daymaker today. Looking for more content? Check out our last blog, “2022 Fall Trend Report“.