Better Screen Printing with Water-Based Inks

Here's why we love our super soft, water-based screen printed tees.

When you think of the qualities of your absolute most favorite t-shirt, what comes to mind? We’re guessing that aside from the color or design, it feels great, too. That’s one of the reasons why we love working with water-based ink in our shop. As professional screen printers, We know that there’s a level comfort of a super comfortable garment that just can’t be beaten! 

Benefits of Water-Based Inks

You can’t feel it at all.

We love the super-soft feel. With water-based ink, the process chemically changes the color of the garment you’re printing on. To the touch, it feels completely soft, as your design is now one with the fabric! 

Better detail printing.

why choose water based screen printing

Soft tee printing lasts longer and is more durable than traditional screen printing. Because the ink blends with the fibers of the garments, there is no cracking or peeling with your design. This means you can have smaller details that will last and have a more durable tee overall.

Super lightweight and breathable.

Because the ink is blended with your garment, not only is it soft to the touch, but it’s going to stay super lightweight and breathable without weighing down the tee. This is ideal for extra-large, detailed designs.

A print that lasts a lifetime.

Overall, water-based screen printing technique has better longevity. You can count that your design will last as long as your garment will. That means you can enjoy your favorite tee for years and years!

Is Water-Based Screen Printing Right for You?

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, comfortable tee, you’ll likely love printing with our super-soft water-based screen printing methods. But just to be sure, you can contact one of our day makers today, and we will happily walk you through all your options!